Everybody’s Golf: World Tour is a Sports game published by Sony Computer Entertainment released on March 28, 2008 for the Sony PlayStation 3.maxresdefaultEverybody’s Golf 5 introduces a modified version of the “3 click” shot system. Instead of relying completely on the gauge at the bottom to estimate the strength and slice of the shot, the new system encourages you to use the actual character’s golf swing to select the power. Once the strength of the shot is determined, the gauge disappears, and the accuracy of the shot relies on the player’s timing when the club hits the ballImage result for Everybody’s Golf: World TourInitially, there are six courses in the game, five beginner characters, five intermediate characters, five advanced players, and seven caddies. Shigeki Maruyama will become the second real-life golfer to become a playable character and caddy.102427.everybodys-golf-world-tour.vlrvw_jpg_750x400_crop_upscale_q85There is a challenge mode where you compete in various tournaments and against other computer controlled players to increase your ranking and unlock various items.

The game has had a large graphical overhaul, with nearly every visual aspect becoming more detailed and realistic.


3.20 GB – Repack Size
5.90 GB  – After Installed
10.5 GB – After Launched

Link: MegaGoogle Drive

–Please Run Game As Administrator–


_Add Secondary Joystick For 2 Player Mode_
By Clicking On Pads And Changing Player 2 From Null To What You Want To Use
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