There is a story in the game and its about escaping the great scientific lab. In slaughter we were trying to escape prison and in this game you have to escape from labs. Game starts from escaping and what you have to do is find answers about what’s happening in the lab,How you got in to this mess and find an escape route.

Game play is a combination of action adventure hack and slash combined with a gun play. You will be facing few bosses and different kind of robotic enemies. Simply hack and slash enemies or you can use guns to take down enemies. There are different characters and cut-scenes which you can enjoy while completing the game. Mindcell is a fun action adventure game

Game Features:
+ An exciting story with dialogs, characters and puzzles.
+ The campaign is filled with intrigue and battle.
+ A variety of locations, enemies and bosses.
+ Close combat clashes and intense skirmishes.
+ Intense and diligently made graphics.
+ Good optimization and the ability to tune performance.
+ Simple controls, giving complete freedom of action.
+ Gamepad supporte which you can even play without internet.


MOD: —___—___—
Requires Android: 4.1 and Up
Version: 1.037
Mode: Offline
Price: R 48,99
Size: 551 MB


Google Play: Link

APK: Link

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