Hello all
This is a written story of what i went thou since last year and why i have not been active at all here

last year (when the covid started) i lost my job as they were laying off people as there were no business
while a pandemic was going on (sure u all know) with such timing where my contract of where i was
staying ended. i made a hard choice of selling my pc for new place deposit and rent, the person that
bought my pc never paid and disappeared with my system and not paying( i did go to police and
tried everything to recover my pc) as where i was staying the police is a JOKE and did nothing to help
not even taking my case or helping me. so there i was with no pc and no where to go. Ended up moving
in with parent again while suffering with depression and true hate as what i went thou happened in 3 days.

hope everyone understand and i have a $100 dell pc that makes repacking big games impossible as
they error or i can’t test the games i repack so hard to know if i am posting a game that works 100%

i will start again with smaller games and hopefully one day ill be back with that AAA repack games

Thanks for reading hope you understand and support me
i do see new viewers coming in and getting nothing back i do apologize but sure u will understand
now to why i was so unactive

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