Need for Speed Most Wanted combines the thrill of street racing and tuner customization with the intensity of police pursuits.
New Updated REDUX MOD V3 includes 30 MODs. more cars. better graphics.


Blacklists players enter the world of illicit street racing, they must go up against the best street racers on the scene to earn respect and rise to the top of the Blacklist.

All-New Gameplay

Need for Speed Most Wanted features new and exciting gameplay that incorporates strategic cop pursuit and skill-based evasion techniques with illicit street racing.

Next-Gen Graphical Features

Need for Speed Most Wanted for the next generation console delivers the next level of graphical excellence in video games. Utilising graphical techniques including normal mapping and real-time lighting, the graphical experience

Open Road, Open World

Master the art of strategic cop evasion.

Performance Tuning

Can’t compete against a sports car? Head to the safehouse and tune up your ride to race against any class of vehicles.

Rap Sheet

Players will build up their Rap Sheet with record breaking times, street challenges and out-foxing an escalation of police vehicles, tactics and technology.

Visual Customization

Whether gamers are trying to lose the cops or they just want to pimp their ride, Need for Speed Most Wanted offers extensive visual customizations.

The Redux Version 3

Version 3.0


Video of the MOD creator KryZeePlays

Thanks For This redux mod Aero, AJ_Lethal, Archie, Ariso, Avalanche, Aven, BadassBaboon, BlackPanthaa, BlueSkyWestSide, Burnziie, CovRETE37, D4emon712, Darudnik, Eclipse72, elaymm4, EllisRacing, eModder, Goodboygamer, IGAO Play, InfinityMain, KuruHS, LM1992, LP-Ripper24, LunicAura, MedievalShell, Miles Dipperion, NFS2019, nfsu360, nlgxzef, Opex Rah, osdever, P A I N, PedroBLR, RaTT, Raverz, Redline, Selly & Hel, TheBoss Gaming, ThirteenAG, TrackmaniaMatt, Vee, Viki, Viper4K, WF4123, XGAMER, YochiThMaster333, ZVott96, Zyphir

YG in the House.. you all love the 2.3 version of this classic game and i can’t deny i love this game and glad to give you all
the updated version in 4K. ENJOY

This is a bigger more powerful! MOD size is 10.1 GB and base game 2.8 GB
NOTE: save file from v2.3 REDUX won’t work on v3 REDUX (Start a new game)
YouTube video will explain and show how to edit MOD for how you want


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4.97 GB –  Repack Size
11.2 GB –  After Installed


Can my PC run this?

  • It’s very hard to tell since this is an old game and more mods you add more heavy it become to load and properly work, I would recommend this mod to who has a high end PC.

Enjoy And Stay Safe Everyone
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